How to clean a humidifier?

Humidifiers are of immense importance and they can serve us with a great number of health benefits. Humidifiers possess enormous potential to protect us from respiratory health issues like cold and cough. They can also prove a great relief in sinus problems. They can nourish our skin and make it moist and glowing in no time by putting an essential amount of moisture into it. Humidifiers can prove a boon for our skin and respiratory health if they are used in an organized manner. But, in order to retrieve these tremendous benefits of humidifiers, it is essential to keep them clean and germ-free.

Steps Involved in the Cleaning of a Humidifier-

The first and foremost step in cleaning the humidifier should be that you must plug it off because if it will be plugged in then the static electricity may disrupt and can create trouble for you. After unplugging it, see what parts of it can be detached and then can be re-fixed again. When you find those parts, then precisely detach them and then clean them first. For cleaning them, take white vinegar in a bowl and add some lukewarm water into it and sink those parts into it.  Make sure you soak them pretty well in order to clean them properly.

Then, clean the other parts of the humidifier and then move ahead to perform the cleaning of the water tank. Because the water tank is the major part of and it will require intense cleaning with proper measures. Take some vinegar in a clean cloth and do it quite well. After that, clean all the parts of the humidifier by rubbing that cloth on all the days of the humidifier.

Now come to those parts of the humidifier that are delicate in organizational and cannot be separated and soaked as doing that will degrade their quality. For such parts, damp cloth well with white vinegar and rub their surfaces well. Using the damp sponge or damp cloth, gently rub all the parts making sure that they are cleaned well and there was no bacteria or germ leftover on them.

After cleaning also, there are some deceptive measures that must be practiced well in order to ensure our safety while using humidifiers. Remove the water if stuck in any part of the humidifier because the stagnant water present in it can be quite harmful as it will give birth to microbes and germs that might lead to severe health issues for us. That is why regularly removing water is necessary.  Also, make sure that there is no water present around the humidifier as that can also originate germs, bad bacteria, and harmful microorganisms.

Change the Water and Clean the Water Tank

In order to keep the humidifier clean, it is most essential to keep the water tank clean and dirt free. Change the water of the water tank frequently in order to make sure that no dirt will get collected in it and will not give rise to any kind of microbe or bacteria.

Also, deep clean the water tank. Don’t use chemical substances because that might degrade the quality of the water tank and will not make it compatible enough for long term usage. Try out natural substitutes for cleaning the water tank out. One can use table salt for this purpose. Fill the water tank half with water and pour 2 to 3 tablespoon of table salt and mix and rinse the entire water tank well with it, this way all the germs and microbes present in any case in the water tank will be removed.

Another way to completely clean the water tank is by the usage of vinegar. Vinegar is one of the solid natural cleansers It will properly clean the tank and will remove all the harmful particles present in it. Add some water in it and pour some vinegar, rise it well and then one can get a clean and completely safe water tank.  

The water tank can also be cleaned with chlorine as it is also a good substitute to perfectly clean it. Chlorine is one of the strongest cleansing agents available and it purifies the material quite well. The water tank is the most basic fundamental part of a humidifier, so adequate cleaning is necessary.  So, this is how humidifiers can be safe and hygienic.

These measures should be followed regularly for seeking the purpose of cleaning the humidifiers well. Make the best out of your humidifier by keeping it sterile and germ-free.  Shatter the dryness of air by using them and unravel the soothing moisture-rich air. All you need to do is keep them clean and free from unwanted water and harmful germs. By practicing appropriate cleanliness of the humidifiers, one can avail of all the prudent benefits out of a humidifier.

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